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Hello friends, I Shweta Parmar , welcome you to the privacy policy of Reallifejokes.

What we share on our website, how our website will provide you with a status, I hope that by following our Privacy Policy you will be able to understand our website. If you are a user of our website that means our website, then you have to take care of our privacy policy. If you go against our privacy policy, then we have the full right to block that user from this website. Take care of privacy policies.

We will provide you new status and jokes every day through our website.

How to Use Reallifejokes

  • You can not make any unnecessary comments on Reallifejokes.
  • Only post related to the same post on our site’s post.
  • Can not use any incorrect words in the comment.
  • You can not do any kind of wrongdoing with us and our visitors.
  • If you have any complaint from us or our website then please direct message at Contact us.

What we can do when breaking a privacy policy

As you know, you can not comment on our Gmail without our website and our site is a Google service. If you have been able to break our Privacy Policy, we can report your report to Google so that your gmail id may be blocked. Take care of Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy Changes This is the rule policy created by us which we can change anytime.

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We have the right to block, delete, and spam your comments, so we hope you will not break the privacy policy of our website.

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We hope from you that you will follow our Privacy Policy while using our site.

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If you have any complaint related to our Privacy Policy, you can direct message at Contact us.

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